Hot Sales SS304 Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil Distiller Steam Ginger Essential Oil Distillation

Hot Sales SS304 Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil Distiller Steam Ginger Essential Oil Distillation

Hot income SS304 helichrysum italicum crucial oil distiller steam

Item Software:

This essential oil distilling equipment is common in creation of Chinese medications,wellness merchandise,biological medication,cosmetics and foods .This vital oil Distill products utilizes technology and chemical separation,can extract plant parts efficiently by steam distillation , have very good impact in amassing essential oil from plants.

one)By steam-distillation to achieve the extraction of essential oils.

two)Easy procedure. A single folks can function this equipment simply .

3)Substantial effectiveness. Making use of oblique heating of warmth- transfer oil, it can quickly attain 100C 
large temperature beneath the problems of cleanness, safety and atmospheric force. If 
essential, with vacuum pump, the extractio velocity of important oils will be ore faster.

Item Structure:

The gadget is composed of inverted vertebral distillation kettle, demister, condensing tower, oil-h2o separator, double filter, supercharger, material conveyor belt and crucial oil, pure dew assortment tank, pure dew storage tank, foods grade pump and other related pipelines composition. CZPT inside surface area polishing Ra≤0.6μm,Outer surface matte therapy Ra≤0.8μm,To guarantee that no well being lifeless ends, in line with GMP needs.

Vital oil distillation extracting tools Major parameters

Distillation kettle

Powerful quantity: 3000L, utilizing higher-stress steam via heating.
Within: functioning pressure: standard pressuredesign temperature:120ºC,operate temperature≤100ºC.Functioning medium:water Higher oval headδ=5mm/S30408,Cylinder δ=5mm/S30408.
Discharge slag door:DN1200, A few cylinder rotary slag gate, One cylinder to open up the door, two cylinder locking, a slag door with self-locking cylinder.


Dimension Φ300×750,δ=3mm/S30408,Demister within has baffle, The prime of the demister is set to the quick opening hole. Demister to facilitate cleaning.Meet the GMP requirements.


Vertical condenser. Warmth transfer area is greater than10m2 .

CZPT:created stress: standard pressureworking pressure: regular pressuredesign temperature:100ºC, perform temperature≤90ºC. Working medium:Secondary steam. Length:Φ25×2,Material: S30408

Uncooked materials Use the components Raw content Use the elements
Gaultheria procumbens leaf Cinnamomum cassia Cinnamon bark
Achillea millefolium Bouquets, upper branches Santalum album Wooden core,root core
Cymbopogon nardus Leaf blade Matricaria chamomilla flowers
Pimenta dioica seeds Anthemis nobilis flowers
Angelica archengelica root Cinnamomum zeylanicum Wooden main,root core
Angelica archengelica seeds Salvia sclarea Leaf ,upper branch
Pimpinella anisum seeds Eugenia caryophylatta bud
Arnica montana root Eugenia caryophylatta Leaf 
Melaleuca leucadendron

          Leaves and twigs

Eucalyptus spp Leaves and twigs
Cinnamomum camphora Leaves and twigs Foeniculum vulgare seeds
Carum carvi seeds Boswellia carterii Resin adhesive
Myristica fragrans seeds Citrus spp pericarp
Citrus spp Flowers Origanum vulgare Leaf ,upper branch
Petroselinum crispum seeds Petroselinum crispum Leaf ,upper branch
Mentha piperita Leaf Pinus spp needle
Rosa spp Flowers  Rosmarinus officinalis  Leaf

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Hot Sales SS304 Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil Distiller Steam Ginger Essential Oil Distillation