High Efficiency Rubber Seal Ring for Concrete Pump Pipe

High Efficiency Rubber Seal Ring for Concrete Pump Pipe

Cement hose apron is utilized in city, farmland, mountainous location, sector and mine, countrywide defense, and so on. The rubber ring created by our factory is manufactured of all-normal rubber, with advanced engineering and a variety of specialized indexes exceeding the nationwide CZPTs. It is secure and trustworthy to use, with comprehensive specs and no pollution to drinking water and fulfills the sanitary CZPTs.

Qualities of CZPT Seal Ring

1. O kind rubber seal ring segment structure is straightforward, substantial sealing efficiency

2. Since O type rubber sealing ring installation web site construction is extremely easy, and has fashioned a CZPTized, so the installation and substitution are extremely easy.

3. Via the assortment of ideal rubber resources and the appropriate method layout, the realization of oil, h2o, air, fuel and various chemical media powerful sealing impact. The temperature range is extensive (-60ºC ~ +220ºC), the strain can achieve 1500Kg/cm2 when set. (utilised with reinforcing ring)

4. A range of appropriate for all sorts of components, dimension and groove have been CZPTized, rubber seal ring is commonly utilized in diesel locomotive, vehicle, tractor, sealing of construction machinery, device equipment and various hydraulic and pneumatic factors, and so forth., can undertake the sealing of set, reciprocating and rotating motion, in the sealing of mechanical merchandise type a rubber seal ring accounts for a lot more than 50%.

According to the desire, can be employed to produce substantial temperature, lower temperature vacuum, substantial force and various media of a range of unique objective seals ring and formed rubber sealing items.


High Efficiency Rubber Seal Ring for Concrete Pump Pipe