High Effciency Low Energy Cost ---Agitated Scraper Thin Film Evaporator

High Effciency Low Energy Cost ---Agitated Scraper Thin Film Evaporator

SUS304 Agitated Scraper slender movie evaporator for cashew nut shell oil evaporation

1. Scraper thin film evaporator introduction



The scraper kind thin movie evaporator is a type of higher effectiveness evaporation and distillation equipment which can be evaporated or distilled by high pace rotation of liquid into uniform skinny movie. It also can be used in deodorizing, defoaming, heating, cooling and other unit operations. It can be widely employed in the industries of medium and CZPT prescribed drugs, food, light market, petroleum, chemical and environmental security.
The centrifugal scraper skinny movie evaporator adopts innovative overseas technological innovation, and has the worldwide top placement in the domestic scraper variety slim film evaporator area. This gear has been used as the principal engine of the scraper vacuum refining unit, and has gained the 3 prize of science and technological innovation progress of the State Administration of prescribed drugs.


2.Performance and attributes

  • The centrifugal sliding groove rotor is utilised in this equipment, and the newest structural evaporator in foreign international locations can also form thin movie under the condition of quite modest flow. The silt in the surface attachment remedy liquid on the interior wall of the tube evaporation part can be removed rapidly by the movable scraper, and the evaporation potential can be enhanced by 40% to sixty nine% in contrast with the set clearance scraper evaporator. It has the following houses and characteristics:
  • 1) .the warmth transfer coefficient K is higher, the evaporation capacity is big, the evaporation intensity can attain 150kg/m: HR, and the thermal performance is high.
    2) . the heating time of the content is brief, about 5 to ten CZPTs, and functioning in the vacuum situation, it is a lot more favorable to the heat sensitive content, keep all types of elements without having any decomposition and ensure the top quality of the product.
    3) . adapt to a extensive variety of viscosity, substantial and lower viscosity can be processed, the material viscosity can attain one hundred thousand CPS (CP)
    four) . Altering the angle of the scraper groove angle can change the circulation time of the substance in the evaporator.
    five) . The interior wall of the evaporator section is precisely uninteresting and polishing, and the surface is not straightforward to generate coking and scaling.
    six) . It is straightforward to operate, the merchandise index is effortless to slide, and can be managed continuously under shut circumstances.
    7) . The tools has small footprint, easy composition, hassle-free maintenance and effortless cleaning.


High Effciency Low Energy Cost ---Agitated Scraper Thin Film Evaporator


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