Heating Conducting Oil Gear Pump for Chemical Fiber Industries

Heating Conducting Oil Gear Pump for Chemical Fiber Industries


CZPT equipment pump
1, In shape for big potential output
two, Match for substantial force, large viscosity approach
3,Confirmed technology

Solution Description

CZPTmer melt transfer and booster pump polymer soften gear pump
GM-AE collection of soften gear pump utilised in resin, chemical fiber business of higher temperature, high viscosity polymer melt conveying, pressurization, common set up in soften pipe, employed as a booster pumpIn need of heat medium heating can also be set up in the extruder method, for metering pump.This series of melt equipment pump has great self-priming functionality, can be employed in the vacuum reaction issue, the polymer material conveying and pressurization.
Can also be utilised to transportation very hot melt adhesive, asphalt, paint, adhesives, pharmaceutical, meals, oil, gas, oil, dye, paint, lubricants, polyols excluding particulate impurities these kinds of as large viscosity resources.

CZPT information

Sort Quantity
Max rotary
Outlet pressure
Inlet stress
Circulation rate      L/h Temperature
Minimal viscosity
Higher viscosity 1000~8000Pa·s  
GM-AE-two two. 100 ≤35 ~30 ≤7.five ≤5 ≤4 ≤350ºC
GM-AE-three.15 3.fifteen a hundred ≤35 ~thirty ≤10 ≤8 ≤6
GM-AE-5 five. 100 ≤35 ~thirty ≤20 ≤12 ≤8
GM-AE-7.five seven.five a hundred ≤35 ~thirty ≤20 ≤18 ≤10
GM-AE-10 ten 90 ≤35 ~thirty ≤20 ≤25 ≤15
GM-AE-fifteen 20 90 ≤35 ~30 ≤80 ≤40 ≤24
GM-AE-31.five 31.five 90 ≤35 ~thirty ≤120 ≤70 ≤35
GM-AE-fifty 50 80 ≤35 ~thirty ≤220 ≤120 ≤70
GM-AE-seventy five 75 eighty ≤35 ~thirty ≤280 ≤180 ≤90
GM-AE-one hundred 100 70 ≤35 ~thirty ≤350 ≤230 ≤120
GM-AE-a hundred and sixty one hundred sixty 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤550 ≤350 ≤175
GM-AE-200 two hundred 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤700 ≤450 ≤250
GM-AE-250 250 70 ≤35 ~thirty ≤800 ≤600 ≤300
GM-AE-355 355 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤1000 ≤750 ≤350
GM-AE-five hundred five hundred 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤1500 ≤1000 ≤500
GM-AE-750 750 70 ≤35 ~30 ≤1850 ≤1500 ≤750
GM-AE-1000 one thousand 60 ≤35 ~thirty ≤3000 ≤2000 ≤1000
GM-AE-1600 1600 sixty ≤35 ~30 ≤4000 ≤3000 ≤1500
GM-AE-2500 2500 60 ≤35 ~thirty ≤6000 ≤4500 ≤2200
GM-AE-3150 3150 60 ≤35 ~thirty ≤7000 ≤5000 ≤2800
GM-AE-4000 4000 60 ≤35 ~thirty ≤8000 ≤6000 ≤3000
Remark:the melt gear pump stream is linked with the operate speed, material viscosity, stress,
So the model selection make sure you aks for us.

The attribute of this GM-S series of soften equipment pump

it can be used on higher temperature (350ºC),higher stress(15MPa),high viscosity (20,000Pa?s)functioning condition.
The pressure movement pulsation is extremely modest, and even can achieve linear output circulation,straightforward to manage
Good self-priming performance, can be used in the entrance with the procedure problem of vacuum (.05 ~ .09 MPa)
Precise framework, substantial precision, prolonged provider daily life
The raw content of the major parts of the melt pump

one)pump situation :alloy metal/stainless metal

two)Equipment:nitriding metal/instrument metal/stainless steel + coating/specific alloy

three)Bearing:device metal/copper alloy/ stainless steel+coating/ particular alloy

Installation way: GM-S collection melt equipment pump generaaly is put in beneath the reaction kettle, it is utilised as the content discharge pump, typically organized horizontally.

CZPT method:motor + reducer + common coupling

GM-S collection CZPT pump type

CZPT inspection
       We take only first-class steel and check every production procedure to ensure every dimension is produced precisely. A final complete inspection will be executed  before delivery.  

We provide the operation manual for customers to gudie to install the screen changer, and at the requirement of user, salers should send technician to install and commissioning the die at site of Buyers, expenses of the trip should be borne by Buyers.
Following-sales service
12 months with proper operation by user, all the spare parts shall be replaced free of charge under guarantee period, fee for transportation and packing will be borne by use 


Heating Conducting Oil Gear Pump for Chemical Fiber Industries