Factory Supply Lowest Price High-Quality Zj Zjp Series Roots Vacuum Pump Roots Vacuum Unit 2zj 2zjp-1200

Factory Supply Lowest Price High-Quality Zj Zjp Series Roots Vacuum Pump Roots Vacuum Unit 2zj 2zjp-1200

ZJ/ZJP collection roots vacuum pump

ZJ sequence Roots vacuum pump is a kind of rotary variable volume vacuum pump with out inside compression, also known as mechanical booster pump.its benefit is in reduced inlet strain has substantial extraction fee. It is one particular of the principal pumping tools to receive medium and higher vacuum at present. Its doing work theory is the very same as roots blower. It is primarily composed of a pair of eight-shaped rotors rotating synchronously and higher pace and two semicircle pump cavities Composition. 

ZJ collection Roots vacuum pump are unable to exhaust by yourself. It should be utilized in sequence with the entrance stage pump (this sort of as slide valve pump rotary vane vacuum pump, drinking water ring vacuum pump, oil ring pump, and so forth.). It can only begin to work when the strain in the pumping technique is pumped to the appropriate pressure of Roots vacuum pump by the entrance stage vacuum pump, normally it will be destroyed because of to overload or overheating. ZJ collection Roots vacuum pump is connected in sequence in front of the air inlet of the front phase pump to form a unit, which can increase the vacuum degree of the front phase pump and significantly boost the air extraction price within the powerful selection. The restrict stress of ZJ series Roots vacuum pump is established by the entrance phase pump. The data in the technical parameter desk is the minimal restrict pressure in the CZPT configuration (geared up with double stage oil seal mechanical vacuum pump). 

ZJ series Roots vacuum pump has a large pumping pace in a wide strain variety(one-1×104 Pa).Beacause not sensitive to dust and drinking water vapor contained in the extracted gasoline, it is broadly utilised in vacuum casting, vacuum melting, vacuum degassing, vacuum distillation and vacuum drying in vacuum coating sector, chemical and pharmaceutical market, etc 

1. The main complex parameters of ZJ/ZJP series Roots vacuum pump

Product Extreme Pressure Pa  The pumping rate
Highest allowable differential strain
Suction caliber
outlet diameter mm Motor power KW Outfitted with front pump
ZJP-70 5×10-2 70 6×103 eighty 50 one.one/one.five 2X-fifteen
ZJP-150 5×10-two a hundred and fifty 6×103 one hundred 80 two.2/three 2X-thirty
ZJP-300 5×10-2 three hundred 5×103 150 a hundred 4 2X-70
ZJP-600 5×10-2 600 4×103 200 150 five.5/seven.5 2X-thirty,ZJ-one hundred fifty
ZJP-1200 5×10-2 1200 3×103 250 200 11/15 2X-70,ZJ-three hundred
ZJP-2500 5×10-two 2500 3×103 300 250 22/thirty X-150,ZJ-600
2ZJ/2ZJP-70 3×10-2 70 1.1×104 eighty 40 one.5 2X-eight
2ZJ/2ZJP-one hundred fifty 3×10-two 150 one.1×104 100 50 3 2X-15
2ZJ/2ZJP-three hundred 3×10-2 three hundred 1×104 one hundred fifty 80 5.five 2X-thirty
2ZJ/2ZJP-600 3×10-2 600 9×103 200 a hundred seven.5/11 2X-70
2ZJ/2ZJP-1200 3×10-two 1200 7×103 300 a hundred and fifty 15 2X-30,ZJ-300

Major functionality parameter desk of solitary roots liquid ring vacuum unit

device product

 Pump type  Extreme pressure The pumping rate
Suction caliber
outlet diameter 
Motor power kw
major pump forepump H2o ring
JZJ(P)2S(Y)70-2 ZJ(P)70 2S(y)k2 300 70 80 50 1.five 5.5
JZJ(P)ZGZB70-1 ZJ(P)70 ZGZB-4500 three hundred 70 80 50 1.five 7.5
JZJ(P)ZGZB150-3 ZJ(P)a hundred and fifty ZGZB-4500 300 150 100 50 3 seven.five
JZJ(P)ZGZB150-1 ZJ(P)a hundred and fifty ZGZB-6500 300 150 100 50 three 11
JZJ(P)ZGZB300-three ZJ(P)three hundred ZGZB-6500 300 three hundred a hundred and fifty 50 four eleven
JZJ(P)ZGZB300-1 ZJ(P)300 ZGZB-12000 300 three hundred one hundred fifty eighty 4 22
JZJ(P)ZGZB600-3 ZJ(P)600 ZGZB-12000 three hundred 600 two hundred eighty seven.5 22
JZJ(P)2S(Y)600-one ZJ(P)600 2S(y)k25 300 600 200 one hundred seven.five fifty five
JZJ(P)2S(Y)1200-three ZJ(P)1200 2S(y)k25 three hundred 1200 two hundred one hundred eleven fifty five

The three roots of liquid ring vacuum unit principal efficiency parameter table

device product  Pump kind Extreme pressure The pumping rate
Suction caliber
outlet diameter 
Motor power kw
principal pump Line pump Line pump forepump Water ring
JZJ(P)2S(Y)300-222 ZJ(P)three hundred ZJ(P)150 ZJ(P)70 2S(Y)K2 one 300 a hundred and fifty fifty four 3 one.5 5.5
JZJ(P)ZGZB300-221 ZJ(P)three hundred ZJ(P)150 ZJ(P)70 ZGZB-4500 1 three hundred one hundred fifty 50 4 three 1.five seven.five
JZJ(P)ZGZB300-221T ZJ(P)three hundred ZJ(P)one hundred fifty ZJ(P)70 ZGZB-6500 one three hundred 150 50 4 3 1.5 eleven
JZJ(P)ZGZB600-223 ZJ(P)600 ZJ(P)300 ZJ(P)150 ZGZB-4500 one 600 two hundred 50 seven.5 4 3 seven.five
JZJ(P)ZGZB600-221 ZJ(P)600 ZJ(P)300 ZJ(P)one hundred fifty ZGZB-6500 1 600 two hundred 50 seven.five four 3 11
JZJ(P)ZGZB1200-421 ZJ(P)1200 ZJ(P)300 ZJ(P)a hundred and fifty ZGZB-6500 one 1200 250 fifty 7.5 4 three 11
JZJ(P)ZGZB1200-223 ZJ(P)1200 ZJ(P)600 ZJ(P)three hundred ZGZB-6500 one 1200 250 fifty eleven seven.5 4 eleven
JZJ(P)ZGZB1200-221 ZJ(P)1200 ZJ(P)600 ZJ(P)300 ZGZB-1200 1 1200 250 80 eleven 7.five 4 22

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Factory Supply Lowest Price High-Quality Zj Zjp Series Roots Vacuum Pump Roots Vacuum Unit 2zj 2zjp-1200

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