Factory Price E-Liquids Small Pet Bottle Liquid Filling Sealing Capping Machine

Factory Price E-Liquids Small Pet Bottle Liquid Filling Sealing Capping Machine

  E-Liquids /Eye drop PET bottle Liquid Filling filling, plugging &capping CZPT (with CE)

Our E-liquid filling sealing capping device benefit:

1. function suitable generation line 
  CZPT in-feeding → filling→ (plugging)→ cap placing→ capping →bottle out-feed
2.high filling precision:≤±1%
3.Filling variety and creation potential:80pbm (according to 10ml PET bottle)
4. Competent charge:≥99.9%
5. Help save electricity : Energy:220V 50HZtotal output:≤1.2kw
6. Use high high quality SS316 stainless metal make contact with with liquid, other elements use SUS304 stainless steel
seven. large high quality PLC Touch monitor system Host frequency variable velocity controlling, automatically display the present frequency
8. this machine has CE certification in order to export CZPTe manufacturing unit. also meet up with with GMP and CGMP CZPTs 
nine. CZPT English IQ,OQ,doc and English guide user's
10.CZPT Excess fat testing and SAT testing 

CBD E-liquid filling device Unwanted fat testing working video as linkage:                      https://youtu.be/PF_8swVvD7Q
E-liquids/Eyedrop SAT testing working video for United kingdom E-liquids factory as linkage :https://youtu.be/yqfhaqtj71o

working priciple:

CBD oil /E-Cig/E-liquids/Eyedrop filling plugging and capping machine suitable 5-30ml round PET bottle or similar bottle,  The equipment is composed by a load turntable, by piston pump (Metering pump) ceramic piston pump(option CZPT) in accordance to variation liquid viscosity capacity by fill nozzles, plug &cap sorter, Plug &cap placer, cap screw-on program, unload tray. The bottle loading/unloading is done manually, by way of loading turntableØ500mm and unloading tray, or directly from an creation line. It is made and manufactured accordance to GMP regulation.

CZPT unscrambler or bottle in-feeding machine offer the empty bottles into the conveyor of filling device, the conveyor conveying the bottles to filling situation of the index wheel, when the in-feed eye sensor detect bottles, the filling lifting mechanism will go down, the filling nozzles insert into the bottles, the pump liquid feeding and filling process is managed by volumetric pump, when end filling, the filling lifting system will come up, the wheel thrust the bottle to (the plugging position, the vacuum sucking head sucks the plug, the cam transports the vacuum sucking head to upper of the bottle (the clamping system clamp the bottle), then  press the plug in to the bottle, then transporting the plugged bottle to) the cap positioning place,  the cap inserting system will insert the cap on the bottle, then the wheel transports the cap inserted bottle to the capping position, the capping head screws the cap, then the wheel transports the capping bottle to the conveyor to the next treatment.

our equipment in depth drawing (all areas title)

Filling sample:

CZPT Functions:

Type of bottle Round eyedrop   bottle or comparable
CZPT dimension Min. Ø20mm   Max. Ø30mm
Speed 80~100bpm  on 10ml~5ml
Filling quantity 5ml~30ml
Filling precision ±2%
Energy 220V 50/60Hz 1.5kw
Compress air  require fifty~70L/min,   four~6bar
CZPT dimensions mm Duration 2500, width 1420, peak 1500
CZPT bodyweight: 900kgs

Associated E-liquid/Eyedrop filling capping machine


Factory Price E-Liquids Small Pet Bottle Liquid Filling Sealing Capping Machine

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