China Lemon Fruit Lyophilize, Vacuum Freeze Dryer

China Lemon Fruit Lyophilize, Vacuum Freeze Dryer


The SFD collection vacuum freezing and drying technology is at present the most sophisticated dehydrating procedure technological innovation in the globe.

When compared with the generally utilised drying method,the freeze dried meals created with this technologies functions long interval of high quality assurance,excellent re-hydration character,goo-seeking color,excellent taste,style and higher material of healthy factors

The dried foods fundamentally remains unchanged in its volume and condition,seems like sponge and has no shrinking…

The SFD sequence vacuum freezing and drying equipment can be extensively employed in such fields as greens,fruits,condiments,
seafood,organic items,medicine,beverage,specimen and so on.

Primary technical parameters of SFD vacuum freeze drying equipment

Model Drying spot  Capacity Drying temp Drying time Energy Dimension(LxWxH)
SFD-.five .5mtwo 5kg/batch <120ºC 12-14hours 6.5kw one.9mx1.3mx1.8m
SFD-5 5m2 50kg/batch <120ºC 12-14hours 31kw four.4mx2.3mx2.0m
SFD-10 10m2 100kg/batch <120ºC 12-14hours 57kw 7.4mx2.3mx2.4m
SFD-twenty five 25mtwo 250kg/batch <120ºC twelve-14hours 64kw+ CZPT
SFD-fifty 50mtwo 500kg/batch <120ºC twelve-14hours 130kw+ CZPT
SFD-100 100m2 1000kg/batch <120ºC twelve-14hours 210kw+ CZPT

Detailed images:

Name: Vacuum pump
Manufacturer: CZPT
Vacuumize from standard force to 133Pa in 10 min when it is no loading. Working force of vacuum place is 133Pa~13Pa.


Name: Cold trap
refrigeration copper pipe in chilly entice. It has a good efficiency in heat exchanging and water catching. The operating temperature is -30ºC~-45ºC.

Identify: CZPT system 
French Tecumseh compressor, Denmark CZPT enlargement valve and CZPT or CZPTica Emerson filters and valves.
Chilly trap and air cooler refrigerate by refrigerant expansion valve directly. 


Identify: CZPTtrical manage method
Siemens PLC, contact display, CZPT vacuum sensor, CZPTica Omijia temperature sensor and France Schneider electrical parts.
Handle approach:PLC+touch screen vacuum degree adjustable it alerts when overpressure. Distant monitoring is for selection.


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China Lemon Fruit Lyophilize, Vacuum Freeze Dryer