Bdr Series Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Bdr Series Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Pump character:

1: Double stage and substantial velocity straight connected framework.

2: Equipped with specially designed air ballast valve to avoid water mixing with oil pump and prolong pump functioning time.

three: Adopt intercontinental comparable product layout,small dimension,light-weight bodyweight,reduced noise,straightforward to start off,lengthy time secure procedure.

4: No oil leakage, no oil injection and environmentally welcoming.

five: The pump can be employed as a suction pump alone, also can be employed as a backing pump for booster pump, diffusion pump and molecular pump,also can be employed as maintenance pump or forepump in the system.

6: It is commonly utilised in the electric vacuum device producing business, refrigeration market, medical evaluation unit business, photo voltaic vitality sector, electrical mild resource industry, vacuum furnace market and scientific study device.

Pump requirements:

one. The pump is one particular of the simple equipments to exhaust a sealed vessel. It can be used both independently as principal and can also be served as forepump for booster pump diffusion pump and molecular pump or as keeping pump for a vacuum method and as a pre-pumping for distinct types of the pumps. So that is can be used in electro-vacuum industries, vacuum flask manufacturing, vacuum welding and as an accessory to people good gauges or meters where vacuum is necessary .It is a lot more suited for laboratory use because of its little dimensions ,much less weight and peaceful operation .

two.The pump is permitted to perform constantly for many hrs at a stretch below atmospheric temperature of 5ºC-40ºC and ingestion force underneath 1230pa.Even though the pumped fuel containing dampness of a relative humidity of more than 90% gas-ballast valve must be open.

three. Whit the inlet port extensively opened to ambiance the pump is not authorized to work much more than a single minute.

four.The pump is not ideal for pumping in excess of-oxidized, poison, explosive and corrosive gasoline as well as gases which react chemically with the pump oil have particles of dust.

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Bdr Series Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump