Automatic Snack Pillow Shape Vertical Packing Machine

Automatic Snack Pillow Shape Vertical Packing Machine

It is commonly employed for packing candy, treats, sweets, sweets, espresso, potato chips, plantain chips, seeds, nuts, rice, animal feed, petfood, beans, sticky merchandise, frozen products, sugar, salt, pharmaceutical merchandise, chemical merchandise etc.


  1. All CZPT metal 304/ aluminum manufactured.
  2. Servo motor movie pulling, horizontal sealing by pneumatic piston or by servo optional
  3. PLC manage, certain placing for filling, velocity, bag duration, payment and many others.
  4. Linear cutting, serrated slicing, punching gap, nitrogen inflating.
  5. Bag size packing mode, Print Mark packing mode.
  6. Unbiased sealing jaw temperature management for diverse packing substance.
  7. Auto Counting, Alarm program, Car-quit, multi dosing system.
  8. Multi-Language Contact screen interface.
  9. Software for zipper in pillow bag extra

Bag Kind


  1. Mitsubishi PLC management Program.
  2. Schneider/CZPT servo motors
  3. Sick/AUTONICS graphic sensor.
  4. Omron temperature manage.
  5. Counting minimize engineering.
  6. Car movie alignment optional
  7. Vacuum movie traction optional for high pace method.
  8. Box bagging engineering, gusset bag engineering, café packing with air valve
  9. CZPTethylene (PE) unique sealing jaws, no movie melt, no stain on sealing jaws.
  10. Suitable with Ribbon printer, heat transfer printer, or ink jet printer.
  11. Double film pulling and double vertical sealing for added-big baggage.
  12. Constructed in plan for Multi-head weigher, auger filler, volumetric cups, liquid pumps etc.

Key Elements


Product VP-420 VP-520
Roll width(mm) 420mm 530mm
Width(mm) 80-200mm 90-250mm
Size(mm) eighty-300mm eighty-370mm
Pace(p/m) fifty-70 40-60
Air Intake 100Psi/.7Mpa/.3Nm³/min 100Psi/.7Mpa/.four Nm³/min
Power CZPT 220V/1ph/50/60Hz/two.2kW 220V/1ph/fifty/60Hz/2.7kW
Dimension(mm) 1080x1300x1400mm 1175x1530x1700mm
Weight (kg) 500kg 780 kg


Automatic Snack Pillow Shape Vertical Packing Machine