Angelbiss 25L Rechargeableportable Suction Machine

Angelbiss 25L Rechargeableportable Suction Machine

AngelBiss 25L Rechargeable
Moveable Suction CZPT (AC, DC, CZPTeries)
ANGELBISS Innovative Direct Plug-in CZPT Technique & Double anti-overflow protection program

Run three hours without having AC power


  1. Rechargeable DC 12V
  2. Ambulance vehicle use DC 12V
  3. CZPT recharge in 90 minutes, Constant operate 180 minutes (three hours)
  4. Excellent CZPTium batteries
  5. Double anti-overflow defense system
  6. Direct Plug-in CZPT Technique, only one particular push to get out bottle
  7. 1400ml capability suction bottle
  8. Innovative filter technology which prevents penetration of micro organisms and secretion into the gadget
  9. Only one inlet for suction hose, steer clear of deceptive of air inlet and outlet
  10. Simple thoroughly clean & sterilize & person-friendly functions

Versions and Functions   
Design No        Air Stream Vacuum  Max. Vacuum   Vacuum CZPT Capacity      Volts       Watts     Noise      Alarm  Indicator  CZPTery
AVERLAST 25B     ≥25L/min      .07Mpa           1400ml             DC 12V     55W   ≤50 dB(A)     No     No      Sure


AVERLAST 25B     one Silicone suction hose Ø6mm, L=1.30m
1 Electricity adapter, inlet AC 220V , output DC 12V
1 Vehicle lighter power cord adapter, DC 12V
1 CZPT Laptop electricity twine wires
one filter
one Suction catheter (free)

CZPT Specifications 

Method Map Capabilities AverLast 25B
Pump Driving Method Max. Air Circulation 25L/min
Max. Vacuum Force .07MPa
Operate Mode Constantly Operate
Max. Jar ability 1400ml
Overflow CZPT Double Basic safety CZPT
Modern CZPT Water-resistant Reusable
Inlet Include A single only, and no need to have outlet
CZPTtrical System Pump Electrical power Usage DC 12V, 55 W
Adapter Energy AC 220~240V Input, DC 12V Output
CZPTium CZPTeries (If new) one set, DC 12V
Entire demand time about one.five hour
Assistance use time 3 several hours
Ambulance Car Adapter DC 12V
Automobile Power off 2 hrs
Electricity Fuse one. A -φ5×20mm
Noise Degree <50dB(A)
Function Technique
Vacuum Gauge Variety .00Mpa ~ .1Mpa
(0psi ~14psi)
Vacuum Manage Selection .02Mpa ~ .07Mpa
Suction Hose Hold Groove One, at the left
Wall mounted Dangle Suggestion Two, at the again
Concealed Rotatable Handle Indeed, at the top
four Safety Method Floating technique Initial level end overflow
CZPT method Second degree stop overflow
Overheated CZPT Indeed
CZPTery entire cost Complete charge will auto isolate with AC power
CZPT Particulars CZPT Physique Dimension 283x195x273mm
CZPT Carton Dimension 415x360x300mm for two units
Web Bodyweight for each Unit 3.five kg
CZPT Gross Bodyweight for each Carton 9.7 kg
Functioning Issue Working Temperature 41ºF to 104ºF (5ºC to 40ºC)
Running Humidity ten% to ninety% RH
Operating Atmospheric Pressure seven-hundred-1060hpa
Storage Temperature -4ºF to 131ºF(-20ºC to 55ºC)
Storage Humidity ten to ninety five% RH

Be aware * one – Appreciate 6 months Warranty for batteries
      two- CZPTeries must be recharged a single time every 6 months


Angelbiss 25L Rechargeableportable Suction Machine