A8vo200la1ks 63r1-Nzg05f074 Hydraulic Piston Pump with Germany Quality

A8vo200la1ks 63r1-Nzg05f074 Hydraulic Piston Pump with Germany Quality

A8vo200 hydraulic piston pump 
A8VO200LA1KS/63R1-NZG05F074 hydraulic piston pump with Germany high quality

Design: A8VO200LA1KS/63R1-NZG05F074

CZPT piston double pump A8VO55, A8VO80, A8VO107, A8VO140, A8VO200


Open up circuit
Series 61 / sixty three
Control devices: LAOH2, LAOK, LAOKS, LAOKH1, LAOKH2, LAOKH3, LA1H2, LA1S, LA1K, LA1KS, EP, LA1KH1, and so on.
Nominal strain 350 bars. Peak pressure four hundred bars
– Variable double pump A8VO with two axial tapered piston rotary groups of bent-axis design and style for hydrostatic drives in open up circuits
– The movement is proportional to the enter speed and to the displacement, and is infinitely variable from qV max to qV min =
– The pump is appropriate for immediate mounting on the flywheel situation in diesel engines
– One widespread suction port for auxiliary pump and the two circuits
– A extensive assortment of management instruments is available for distinct handle and regulating features
– Specific electrical power controller
– Integrated auxiliary pump with pressure-reduction valve, optionally with added pressure-reduction valve
– Electrical power just take-off for mounting axial piston and gear pumps
– Superb energy to weight ratio
– Lengthy service life

CZPT Data 
Desk of values (theoretical values, without performance and tolerances values rounded)

Dimension A8VO55 A8VO80 A8VO107 A8VO140 A8VO200
Displacement Vg max cm3 two x 54.8 2 x eighty 2 x 107 2 x 140 two x two hundred
Vg min cm3
Equipment ratio i = ninput/nrotary groups 1 one one one one
Input speed  at Vg max one) nmax one rpm 2500 2240 2150 2100 1950
             at Vg ≤ Vg max2) nmax rpm 3000 2750 2450 2450 2250
Circulation at nmax and Vg max qv max L/min two x 137 two x 179 2 x 230 2 x 294 2 x 390
Energy at nmax, Vgmax and Dp=350 bar Pmax kW one hundred sixty 209 268 294  three) 325   three)
Input torque CZPT Nm 611 891 1192 1337  3) 1592  3)
Rotary stiffness (one rotary group)five) cTW Nm/rad 11213 17985 25565 41408 39505
cTW Nm/rad 41442 67666 89381 146677 156876
Moment of inertia for rotary team JTW kgm2 .0161 .5719 .0345 .0581 .0849
with out energy consider-off (PTO) JTW kgm2 .0126 .0173 .5718 .05 .075
Angular acceleration (solitary rotary group)5) a rad/s2 25800 21800 17100 7500 11000
Mass approx. m kg 82 ninety 116 146 180
Variation: with built-in auxiliary pump, F00, F.. 4)
Displacement with integrated auxiliary pump Vg max cm3 8.six eight.6 8.6 (10.7) 10.seven eleven (19)4)
Efficient displacement Vg max/eff cm3 9.seven 9.7 eleven (thirteen.seven) twelve.seven thirteen.six (23.6)
Gear ratio i = ninput/naux.  pump .887 .887 .78 .843 .804
Variation: with energy consider-offs, K.., F.
Max. torque at PTO CZPT Nm 250 350 380 450 650
Gear ratio i = ninput/nPTO one 1 1 one .804

one) The values shown are valid for absolute pressure (pabs) of one bar at suction port S and for procedure with mineral fluids with a certain mass of .88kg/L.
2) The values demonstrated are valid for Vg ≤ Vg max or for an enhance in the inlet pressure pabs at the suction port S.
three) Notice max. Permissible torque!
4) Available on request


A8vo200la1ks 63r1-Nzg05f074 Hydraulic Piston Pump with Germany Quality