A4vtg Series Hydraulic Piston Pump Widely Used

A4vtg Series Hydraulic Piston Pump Widely Used

A4vtg collection  CZPT piston Pump commonly employed

Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A4VTG pump
Concrete mixer hydraulic piston pump A4VTG71, A4VGT90


Closed circuit
Sequence 32
Sizes seventy one, ninety
Nominal pressure 5800 psi (400 bar)
Highest strain 6500 psi (450 bar)
Handle unit: (HW) Proportional management hydraulic, mechanical servo, hexagon shaft with lever to the rear.
(EP) Proportional manage electrical, with crisis actuation and spring return.
For the drum generate in mobile concrete mixers A4VTG071, A4VGT090 series.
-Variable axial piston pump of swash plate design for hydrostatic drives in shut circuit
-The flow is proportional to the push pace and displacement.
-The flow will increase as the angle of the swash plate is altered from zero to its optimum benefit.
-Circulation path modifications smoothly when the swash plate is moved via the neutral place.
-Two strain-relief valves are supplied on the large force ports to shield the hydrostatic transmission (pump and motor) from overload.
-The high-force reduction valves also perform as improve valves.
-The integrated boost pump functions as a feed pump and control force supply.
-The highest increase stress is minimal by a developed-in enhance stress-relief valve.
-Tapered shaft option for direct travel shaft yoke installation. 

CZPT Data 
Desk of values (theoretical values, with no efficiency and tolerances values rounded)

Variable pump Vg max cm3 71 ninety
auxiliary pump Vg H cm3 eighteen,seven 25,7
Max. pace at Vg max Nmax ongoing rpm 3300 3050
Minimal max. Nmax restricted rpm 3600 3300
Intermittent max. Nmax constant rpm 4100 3800
minimal pace Nmin rpm 500 five hundred
Flow at Nmax Dauer and Vg max Qmax L/min 234 275
Energy at Nmax Dauer D p = 400 bar Pmax kW 156 183
Torque at Vg max      D p = 400 bar CZPT Nm 451 572
(Variable pump without having aux. pump)  D p = 100 bar T Nm 112,eight 143
Moment of inertia (about travel axis) J kgm2 ,0072 ,5716


Particulars design of CZPT A4VTG71 & CZPT A4VTG90 pump
R957132673   A4VTG071HW100/33MLNC4C82F0000AS- R957169484   A4VTG90EP2/32L-NZD10N001EW-S
R957132671   A4VTG071HW100/33MRNC4C82F0000AS- R957171852   A4VTG71EP2/32R-NLD10F001ST-S
R957155546   A4VTG090HW100/33MRNC4C92F0000AS- R957172877   A4VTG90EP2/32R-NSD10F011ST-S
R957155618   A4VTG090HW100/33MRNC4C92F0000AS- R957172914   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NSD10F001SX-S
R957155547   A4VTG090HW100/33MLNC4C92F0000AS- R957174155   A4VTG71EP1/32R-NLD10F001SGT-S
R957161570   A4VTG90EZ1/32L-NSD10F071SH-S R957174168   A4VTG71HW/32R-NSD10F011S
R957161572   A4VTG71EZ1/32L-NXD10F071SH-S R957174373   A4VTG71EP1/32R-NSD10F001ST-S
R957161573   A4VTG71EZ1/32L-NXD10F001SH-S R957174403   A4VTG90EP2/32R-NLD10F011ST-S
R957162961   A4VTG90EP1/32L-NZD10K571EW-S R957174406   A4VTG90EP2/32L-NLD10F001ST-S
R957185645   A4VTG90EZ1/32L-NZD10F571SH-S R957174408   A4VTG90EP2/32R-NSD10F011SGT-S
R957164251   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NXD10F001SH-S R95717177   A4VTG71HW/32R-NLD10F571S-K
R957184560   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NZD10K571EP-S R957179554   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NXD10F571SH-S
R957164721   A4VTG71EP2/32R-NLD10F001SGT-S R957179556   A4VTG71EP1/32R-NLD10F001ST-S
R957164723   A4VTG90EP2/32R-NLD10F001SGT-S R957179583   A4VTG90HW/32R-NSD10F001S-S
R957166191   A4VTG90HW/32L-NSD10F001S-S R957179590   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NZD10K571EP-S
R957166730   A4VTG90EP2/32R-NLD10F011SGT-S R957179597   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NZD10K571EP-SK
R957166731   A4VTG90EP2/32L-NLD10F011SGT-S R957179762   A4VTG71EP2/32R-NSD10F011ST-S
R957166732   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NLD10FXX1SGT-S R957179857   A4VTG90EP2/32L-NLD10F011ST-S
R957168067   A4VTG90EZ1/32L-NZD10F011SH-S R957179888   A4VTG90HW/32R-NLD10F001S
R957168087   A4VTG90EZ1/32L-NSD10FXX1SH-S R957179961   A4VTG71HW/32R-NLD10F001S
R957168090   A4VTG90EP2/32R-NLD10F001ST-S R957181370   A4VTG90EP2/32R-NSD10F001ST-S
R957168121   A4VTG90HW/32L-NLD10F001S R957183530   A4VTG90HW/32L-NLD10F001S
R957168451   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NSD10F001SW-S R957183968   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NZD10K571EP-S
R957169445   A4VTG71EP2/32L-NZD10K571EW-S  


A4vtg Series Hydraulic Piston Pump Widely Used