9E-A Home Use Low-Consumption Big Pump Rate Portable Medical Suction Machine

9E-A Home Use Low-Consumption Big Pump Rate Portable Medical Suction Machine

I.Product Description

Hefty obligation oil-cost-free piston pump, low usage, silence and stable operating efficiency.

Anti-overflow technologies and huge pump charge

1000ml polycarbonate bottle shatter-evidence and washable

Water proof switch and meatal pump nozzle.

Silicon tube, resistance substantial-temperature, durable.

The air filter reaches to health care grade.

Stepless higher voltage. High negative force, low flow, so that it can protect the patients’ laryngeal mucosa, and it will not likely permit the laryngeal mucosa get harm. The circular adverse pressure vacuum meter will show the adverse force benefit visually, and the client can modify the adverse strain value what sputum-absorption needed basis on their self-situation.

II. CZPT Parameter

Enter voltage AC220V±10%
Enter frequency 50Hz±2%
Typical electricity usage 90VA
Damaging Pressure Value more than .075Mpa
Pump score 18L/min
Continuous functioning time far more than thirty min
Rest time less than thirty min
Noise less than 53dB
Dimension 35×26×29cm
Packing size fifty four.5×37×32cm, 2pcs/ctn
Net weight three.9kg
Gross weight 4.9kg

III. Configuration

NO. Description Amount (Computer)
one Device one
two CZPT 1
3 CZPT one
four Silicon tube one
five Piston pump one
6 Instruction one

1. What is the function for the suction machine?
Suction machines or aspirators are tracheostomy-care products utilised for eliminating obstructions from a person’s airway. The equipment makes use of suction to pull out mucus, saliva, blood, secretions or other fluids clearing the airway for easy breathing. These devices are made either for stationary use at home or the moveable selection for a patient on the transfer.

two. Which kind of suction machine do you have?
We have a varied selection of portable and non-moveable suction equipment which can be employed in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s office and ambulances or at house. Our assortment of aspirators is created to carry out a extensive range of suction techniques.

V. Packing & Delivery

To far better make certain the protection of your items, skilled, environmentally welcoming, practical and effective packaging companies will be provided.


9E-A Home Use Low-Consumption Big Pump Rate Portable Medical Suction Machine