380V Mini Frequency Inverter VFD 220kw

380V Mini Frequency Inverter VFD 220kw

380V Mini Frequency CZPT VFD 220kw

Merchandise Description:

Rated voltage, Frequency Solitary phase/3 phase  220V 50/60Hz
  Voltage Variety 220V:170V~240V   380V:330~440V
Output Voltage Assortment 220V:~220V,380V:~380V
  Frequency Range .10`400.00Hz
Control strategy Sensorless flux vector control (SFVC)
Voltage/Frequency (V/F) manage
Indicator Running position/Alarm definition/interactive guidance: eg , frequency placing, the output frequency/existing, DC bus voltage, the temperature and so on.
Manage Specs Output Frequency Variety .10Hz~four hundred.00Hz
  Frequency Location Resolution Digital enter:.01Hz, analog input:.one% of highest output frequency
  Output Frequency Precision .01Hz
  V/F Manage Location V/F curve to satisfy various load demands
  Torque Handle Auto enhance: automobile raise torque by loading problem guide enhance enable to set0.~twenty.% of raising torque
  Multifunctional lnput
6 multi-perform input terminals, acknowledging functions which includes fifteen part pace manage, program running, 4-segment acceleration/deceleration speed switch, UP/DOWN function and unexpected emergency end and other features
  Multifunctional Output
two multi-function output terminals for displaying of working, zero pace, counter, external abnormity, software procedure and other info and warnings
  Acceleration/deceleration Time Setting ~-999.9s acceleration/deceleration time can be set independently
Other Features PID Control Constructed-in PID manage
  RS485 Common RS485 conversation purpose(MODBUS)
  Frequency Setting Analog enter: to 10V,, to 20mA can be selected
Dig ital enter: Enter utilizing the setting dial of the procedure panel or RS485 or UP/DOWN
  Multi-speed Six multifunction enter terminals, 15section pace can be established
  CZPT voltage regulation CZPT voltage regulation perform can be selected
  Counter Constructed -in 2group of counters
Warning Purpose
Overload a hundred and fifty%,sixty CZPT(Continuous torque)
  Over Voltage Over voltage defense can be established
  Beneath Voltage Under voltage safety can be established
  Other CZPTs Overheat, quick circuit, over existing, and parameter lock and so on
CZPT Ambient Temperature -10ºC to 40ºC(non-freezing)
  Ambient Humidity Max.ninety five%(non-condensing)
  Altitude Reduce than 1000m
  Vibration Max. .5G
Construction CZPT Manner Compelled air cooling
  Protective Composition IP20
Set up Mode Wall Mounted

Creation Detail



Solitary by buffers and one tiny carton, but lots of products by even bigger carton and go over PE movie .
The cartons have three sizes: 460mm*390mm*580mm 445mm*330mm*655mm500mm*440mm*615mm
 But much more than 22 kw ,they are packed in picket circumstances.


By sea, or express like UPS, DHL, FedEx…
If we supply a tons of inverters ,we could use a outer more substantial carton to pack it ,and include PE movie to shield goods.
HangZhou export port is the closest to our factory. shipping and delivery guide time is for seven days when with out forecast.


Model Input Charge output
Electrical power
Rated Input Existing
Rated Output Recent (A) Relevant motor
Z900-2S0.4GE Single period AC 220V.50/60Hz .four 5.four two.4 .4
Z900-2S0.75GE One stage AC 220V.fifty/60Hz .seventy five 7.2 four.five .seventy five
Z900-2S1.5GE Single period AC 220V.fifty/60Hz 1.five ten 7. 1.five
Z900-2S3.7GE Solitary phase AC 220V.50/60Hz three.7 sixteen ten. 3.7
Z900-2S5.5GE One phase AC 220V.fifty/60Hz 5.five 21 twenty 5.5
Z900-2S7.5GE One period AC 220V.50/60Hz 7.5 31 30 seven.5
Z900-4T0.4GE Three stage AC 380V.fifty/60Hz .four three.four one.2 .4
Z900-4T0.75GE A few phase AC 380V.50/60Hz .75 3.eight two.5 .seventy five
Z900-4T1.5GE 3 period AC 380V.fifty/60Hz one.5 5 three.7 1.five
Z900-4T2.2GE 3 period AC 380V.fifty/60Hz 2.two five.eight five. 2.2
Z900-4T3.7GE/five.5PE 3 period AC 380V.50/60Hz three.7/5.5 ten./fifteen. nine./13. three.7/five.five
Z900-4T5.5GE 3 stage AC 380V.fifty/60Hz 5.5 fifteen thirteen five.five
Z900-4T7.5GE/11PE 3 phase AC 380V.fifty/60Hz seven.five twenty 17 7.five
Z900-4T11GE/15PE Three period AC 380V.fifty/60Hz 11/fifteen 26/35 25/32 eleven/fifteen
Z900-4T15GE/ eighteen.5PE A few stage AC 380V.50/60Hz 15/eighteen.5 35/38 32/37 fifteen/eighteen.5
Z900-4T18.5GE/ 22PE Three section AC 380V.50/60Hz 18.five/22 38/46 37/forty five 18.5/22
Z900-4T22GE/30PE A few period AC 380V.50/60Hz 22/thirty 46/62 forty five/sixty 22/30
Z900-4T30GE/37PE A few section AC 380V.50/60Hz 30/37 sixty two/76 60/75 thirty/37
Z900-4T37GE/45PE A few phase AC 380V.fifty/60Hz 37/forty five 76/90 seventy five/ninety 37/45
Z900-4T45GE/55PE Three period AC 380V.50/60Hz 45/fifty five 90/one zero five 90/a hundred and ten forty five/fifty five
Z900-4T55GE A few stage AC 380V.50/60Hz 55 one hundred and five 110 fifty five
Z900-4T75PE Three phase AC 380V.50/60Hz seventy five 140 a hundred and fifty 75
Z900-4T75GE/90PE A few stage AC 380V.fifty/60Hz 75/90 140/one hundred sixty a hundred and fifty/176 75/90
Z900-4T90GE/110PE A few period AC 380V.fifty/60Hz ninety/one hundred ten one hundred sixty/210 176/210 ninety/a hundred and ten
Z900-4T110GE/ 132PE 3 phase AC 380V.50/60Hz 110/132 210/240 210/253 one hundred ten/132
Z900-4T132GE/ 160PE A few section AC 380V.50/60Hz 132/160 240/290 253/three hundred 132/160



Model Outline dimension Set up dimensions
  W H D A B Φd
Z900-2S0.4GE 72 142 146 132.seven sixty two.seven 5.2
Z900-2S2.2GE 100 183 137.six 173 90 four.7
Z900-4T0.4GE 72 142 146 132.seven 62.7 5.2
Z900-4T3.7GE/five.5PE one hundred 183 137.6 173 90 four.seven
Z900-4T7.5GE/11PE one hundred thirty 260 178 246.5 116 5.five
Z900-4T15GE/18.5PE 195 280 a hundred seventy five 266 182.five 6.5
Z900-4T30GE/37PE—Z900-4T37GE/45PE 245 390 one hundred ninety a hundred and eighty 406 seven
Z900-4T45GE/55PE—Z900-4T55GE/75PE 300 500 252 200 522 9
Z900-4T75GE/90PE 338 546 256.5 270 560 9
Z900-4T30GE/37PE—Z900-4T37GE/45PE 338 550 three hundred 270 564 nine
Z900-4T30GE/37PE—Z900-4T37GE/45PE four hundred 675 310 320 695 eleven

Z900E Standard Wiring diagram



Food machinery-Feeder, mixer, bag filling equipment, pastry forming machine…

Woodworking CZPTry-Sharpening equipment, grinding device, carving machine…

Textile CZPTry-winding machine, material inspection machine…

CZPT CZPTry-Liquid filling equipment, pharmaceutical filling machine…

Other: Stone cutting machine…

Blowing device, H2o-pump-housetop


Business Information

Machtric CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd a business who control global High Tech CZPT in the advice of CZPT CZPT .  With the assist of the CZPT R&D, Method CZPT , taking advantage of the its plentiful intercontinental trade assets, we have solved many problems for different clients.  At the identical time, we have managed several yet another CZPT foreign brand name in multi-degree.  We would like to be one of the most common CZPT CZPT Solution Suppliers.We try out to supply wisdom, specific item resolution.

Our products:

1. Computerized management system of textile devices: Seamless Underwear device, Computerized Flat Knitting CZPT, Glove CZPT, Circular Knitting machine, Auto-Stripper Knitting CZPT, Hosiery CZPT, CZPT Winding CZPT, CZPT Spooler CZPT and many others.
2. CZPT sequence:
Vector collection: Z900,S2800E,S1100VG,S2200E, S3800E series
CZPT sequence: S2800E, S1100VG,S900GS sequence
Committed sequence: S100 collection, S200 series(circular knitting machine),
3. Comfortable starter: CSX sequence, CSXi collection, IMS2 series, MVS series
4. Power controller: SPC3 sequence
5. CZPT control meter: Counter CU, Counter CA, size signal generator, rotate pace meter
six. Peripheral: a few-colour mild, signal amplifier
7. Handle system of integrative device: SGP series

If you have any query , pls let me know !


380V Mini Frequency Inverter VFD 220kw