20000psi 325HP High Pressure RAM Pump

20000psi 325HP High Pressure RAM Pump

4220 325hp/20000psi Higher Strain Bareshaft Pump 

Transient Introductions:
The Jetstream model 4220 waterblast pump is capable of electricity enter up to 325 horsepower and displacement of more than 20-1 gallons for every minute at twenty,000 psi. It is the most sophisticated and productive waterblast pump of its size in the business. Combining the strength and durability of a established electricity stop workhorse with the unparalleled simplicity, serviceability, and flexibility of the UNx™ fluid end style, Jetstream bareshaft pumps are the best choice for people creating their own technique or replacing a complicated, worn, or unreliable pump.
. Up to 325 horsepower
. Stream of above to 21 gallons for every minute at 20,000 psi*
. A few Plunger (triplex) design and style

UNx™ Fluid Conclude Attributes
. Exceptional functionality
. Greater adaptability in the subject
. Diminished downtime and routine maintenance

UNx™ Electrical power Stop Functions
. Pressurized electricity end lubrication with oil filter and cooler
. Cast metal shotpeened crankshaft
. Centre roller bearings assistance crankshaft

Simple Specs:

Max. Electricity Input # plunger
Max. RPM Max. Pump Displacement Max. Frame
Max. Working
Complete Fat Pump Oil Potential
hp kw in mm gpm lpm lbs N psi bar lbs kg gal l
325 242 three 4.25 108 one hundred fifty-514 21.4 81. 17750 78950 20000 1379 1800 820 nine 34

Fluid Finish Specifications:

Plunger Dimensions Link Varieties Pump Displacement at Specified Pump Speeds Max. Working Force
No. Diameter 200 RPM 300 RPM 400 RPM 514 RPM
in mm Top Ports Discharge Ports GPM LPM GPM LPM GPM LPM GPM LPM psi bar
#8 .800 twenty.32 20K Port Female 20k Port Woman 4.six 21 eight.three 31.5 11.one forty two 14.three fifty four 20000 1379
#9 .900 22.86 7. 26.six 10.5 39.9 14.1 53.2 18 sixty eight.three
#10 .980 24.89 eight.three 31.five twelve.five 47.3 sixteen.seven sixty three.one 21.4 eighty one.


20000psi 325HP High Pressure RAM Pump


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