1100t Aluminum Spoon Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

1100t Aluminum Spoon Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

1100T Hugely Successful New Arrival Injection CZPTing CZPT

Extended Hua die-casting devices are applicable to manufacture of car and bike elements (engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankcase, hinged doorway covers, oil pan, gearbox housing, gearbox end cap, dashboard, and so on.), electrical escalator handrail/steps, industrial/street/railway/air/agricultural machinery, streetlights shells,potlight shells, creating material components, household furniture, aluminum arts, copper arts, magnesium alloy items, non-ferrous metal processed merchandise and other die casting goods.

 LH series of CZPT parameter table (1100T)

           Items Unit Specification
CZPT Working Pressure MPa 16
Clamping Force              KN 11000
Area Between Tie Bars mm 1050*1050
Tie Bar Diameter mm ¢200
Die Opening Stroke mm 880
Injection Force(intensify)                   KN 882
Plunger Launch Length mm three hundred
Injection Placement mm -300
Plunger Diameter mm ¢100—-¢120
Injection Stroke mm 800
Casting Force (intensify) MPa 138.six-78
Casting Fiange Protrusion mm twenty
Casting Fiange Diameter mm 240
Max Casting Region Under 40Mpa CM2 2500
lnjection Weight(Al) Kg 18
Die Peak(Min–Max) mm four hundred~1150
Ejector Drive KN 500
Ejector Stroke mm 200
Motor Ability Kw 30*two
CZPT Dimensions  (L*W*H) m ten.6*3.five*three.eight
Referential CZPT Weight For Uplifting T sixty five
Oil Tank Ability L 2800

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Product information

 Primary performance and features of Xihu (West Lake) Dis.a Die Casting devices

1.  Double proportional management (electric regulation of force and flow, with a multi-level strain and pace management as nicely as reduced force die shut defense functions).
two.  Dual circuit layout (air injection and force constructing are individually made without having mutual interference and fault occurrence).
3.  Four-stage (multi-phase) injection program:
     A.Highest speed> 8M/s (6M / s for those a lot more than 2000T), which can efficiently management the filling time and casting formation, in addition to special braking and uniform acceleration injection purpose that can effectively stop flash and enable much more flexible injection process.
     B.Minimum velocity .one-.7M/s, which can be specifically managed to stop air invasion from creating air lure.
     C.Stress creating time ≤15 M/s, which makes it possible for to modify stress creating speed according to method demands, strengthening the casting density without leading to product distortion.
      D.Dry cycle time is reduced by much more than fifteen% Oil pump movement will increase by more than twenty% Cooler ability is increased by much more than 100% Proportion of conforming finished goods rise by a hundred% efficiency is enhanced by twenty% as in contrast to the past.
four.  The internationally-favorable PLC man-machine interface manage technique, casting merchandise knowledge storage and checking capabilities, well timed alarm in scenario of abnormality, and elimination of big quantities of faulty merchandise.
five.  Unique static and dynamic functionality with dual core-pulling units ensures one particular-time formation of precise, complicated items.
6.  The injection technique uses CZPTean draw-bar construction with a assortment of choices for centre and eccentric injection positions that provide effortless adjustment, higher precision, and applicability to numerous intricate molds. 
7.  Large-scale die-casting machine over 1600T employs hydraulic pumping implies which allows safe and rapidly substitute of huge molds.
8.  Independent swift clamping program and distinctive hydraulic driven gear-sort mould height altering system are resistant to impact, supplying lengthier services daily life and fast manufacturing, with an output on a shift improved by more than 15%.
9.  Liquid nitrogen super reduced temperature installation approach makes certain precision and prolongs provider lifestyle of toggle areas. 
10.  High quality, high rigidity and put on resistant casting platen adopts finite aspect investigation style that brings even pressure distribution, small distortion and exact mold clamping. 
eleven.  CZPTtric central lubrication method provides scheduled, quantitative lubrication and enhances support daily life.
twelve.  CZPTtrical and hydraulic components are properly-recognized manufacturers made in CZPTe, Japan and China ZheJiang .
13.  Die-casting device island design supplies a variety of interfaces and application packages for a variety of superior intelligent peripheral products.
14,  CZPT program is made up of:The most innovative uniform accelerated multistage injection technique in 10 planet


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1100t Aluminum Spoon Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine