10 Buckets Milking Machine for Cow Farm Equipment

10 Buckets Milking Machine for Cow Farm Equipment

ten Buckets Milking CZPT For Cow Farm CZPT

HL-JN10 Cow Milking CZPT Purposes&colon
A&period Cow milking machine suits cows&comma goats and sheep&semi
B&interval Cow milking device spare elements need alter annually&semi
C&period Cow milking machine suits dairy farms and household&semi
D&interval Cow milking machine fits the retailers from various countries&semi

HL-JN10 Cow Milking CZPT Competitive Benefits&colon
1&period Cow milking device is a single portable milking products&comma appropriate for cows&comma goats and sheep&time period
2&period Cow milking machine is effortless to shift and operate&period of time
3&period Cow milking machine could customize voltage to meet up with diverse clientele specifications&period
4&period of time Cow milking equipment has one particular yr guarranty and specialized supporting in complete lifestyle&interval

HL-JN10 Cow Milking CZPT Price Descriptions&colon
    Factors of bucket Cow Milking CZPT with one particular stainless steel milking buckets&colon
    A&period of time milking models&lparmilking bucket&comma milking liner&comma teat cup shell&comma milking claw&comma milking pulsator etc&period&rpar
    B&interval 250L vacuum pump&lparoil pot&comma silencer&comma belt&comma pulley etc&time period&rpar
    HL-JN10 Cow Milking CZPT  is simillar with the mobile milking equipment&comma could be utilised to milk cows&comma goats and sheep&comma just altering the milking cluster team&periodThe milking bucket amount could be from 1 to 16&period of time The milking time is various amongst cow and goat&comma for each cow&comma the milking time need to have about five – six minutes&comma for goats&comma the time will be shorter&interval This type machine is an excellent moveable milker for small cow barns and goats breeding farms&period It could assist folks conserving time and cost&comma since one employee could function 6-eight milking buckets&time period One established pail bucket milking device could be mounted the electrical motor and diesel or gasoline motor&comma when the electrical energy is off&comma the diesel&comma or gasoline enginee could generate the milking machine&period
    The milk bucket for the pail milking equipment could use the clear milk bucket to change&period of time With 25 litre and 32 litre transparent milk bucket for chosing&comma the two of them has the scale&comma could evaluate the milk straight when farms milk&interval

Specs of HL-JN10 Cow Milking CZPT&colon

Model  HL-JN10
Merchandise  Pail Cow Milking CZPT
Milking Time five-six min&solcow
Pulsator Frequency 60-eighty instances for each minutes
Voltage 240V &sol 50-60Hz
Power 2&period2kw to 5&period5kw
Pump Capability 550L&comma850L&comma1500L
Bucket Quantities buckets can be added a lot more&lpar1pcs to 10pcs&rpar
Milking Clusetr Team one set to 10sets
Employee 1 or much more
Usage dairy cow farms

Short Details of HL-JN10 Cow Milking CZPT&colon
1&period of time HL-JN10 cow milking device
two&time period pail Cow milking device for dairy cows
3&interval 240 voltage&comma fifty – 60Hz
4&time period with techincal supporting

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10 Buckets Milking Machine for Cow Farm Equipment